Video for Vis Invis Electrique's "Untitled" song from the forthcoming très bizarre cassette.
Videos were shot on the Iphone. Music video created with After Effects. Filmed in: NYC, NY, Boston, MA,
Shelburne Falls, MA,Falmouth, MA, Columbus, OH, Bellows Falls, VT, Reading, VT, White River Junction, VT, Brookville, PA,Pittsburgh, PA, North Adams, MA, Somewhere in CT, London, England, Liverpool, England,
Blackpool, England, Eupen, Belgium, Antwerp, Belgium, Ghent, Belgium, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,
Dusseldorf, Germany, Azores, Portugal, Hanoi, Vietnam, Hoi An, Vietnam, Da Nang, Vietnam,
Halong Bay, Vietnam, Sa Pa, Vietnam, Mount Fansipan, Vietnam, Bangkok, Thailand
Full video here:
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